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June 30, 2015

On June 30th, landslides occurred due to heavy monsoon rains in the Kalimpong and Lava areas of India. Thekchen Ling (H.E. Jamgon Rinpoche's Monastery and residence in India) in Lava was also affected. Mudslides occurred right next to the monks' quarters and around the Monastery's new building site -- fortunately no one was hurt. There were casualties in the area's villages where some of the houses were swept away by the mudslide. The monks from Thekchen Ling are doing their best to assist the villagers. 

Below is an update from the Labrang (see updated photos) on both Nepal earthquake and India relief efforts being undertaken from Pullahari Monastery and Thekchen Ling.


Our monks are in remote Phulpingkot Duskot, Sindupalchok. Aftershocks and rain have continued to destroy repairs of the road. The journey is rough and dangerous. Ananda Sangh’s building in progress of the community monastery is badly damaged. The monks have set up a temporary relief kitchen there to provide children meals. They have also organized some classes and activities to occupy them until school starts again. Today, we begun the distribution of corrugated sheets for temporary shelter during the monsoon. 


Our monks of Lava Monastery and nurse Lhadon of Jamgon Kongtrul IIIrd Memorial Healthcare Centre are doing their best to help victims of the mudslides. The monks are managing the situation in Lava well and they are also praying for those who died in accordance with the wish of H.E. Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche. We share some news from the local press:

Monks at forefront of rescue efforts in Lava

EOI, KALIMPONG, 3 Jul 2015: Monks of Lava monastery in Kalimpong have formed themselves into teams, providing whatever relief they could salvage to the victims of landslides, setting an example. The monks, themselves victims of the landslide, went as teams to remote villages of Lava to provide assistance. They joined the local people in rescuing those trapped inside fallen houses and carrying the injured on their back. With Kalimpong being far away from the area, the injured persons were brought to a small clinic run under the Lava monastery where they were given basic aid.

The monastery officials also opened its stock room to provide ration and other essentials to the villagers who had not eaten anything for the past few days.

The open courtyards of the monastery also served as a temporary emergency camp for those seeking refuge after their houses were destroyed and got nowhere to evacuate. 

“Seeing the large influx of people into the monastery trusting us with their lives, we know we have a task at hand to make sure that we live up to it,” said a monk from the monastery.

May 13, 2015

A 6.8 earthquake shook Nepal again yesterday around 12:40 pm. The true extent of the devastation is still to unfold but H.E. Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche and everyone in Pullahari and Lava are safe. Around that same time, Ananda Sangh’s relief led by Khenpo Chokey Gyaltsen was in Nuwakot. They returned safe but late.